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Message par jazzbass le Sam 19 Déc 2015 - 21:12

Hello all. My name is Chris, I am a Victorinox collector from the United States. I speak both English (mothertongue) and Italian (conversational). Stefan gave me a link to this forum so I thought I would join. I am also on other knife forums as "jazzbass" like multitool, bladeforums and even fans-du-couteau-suisse. I think I recognize most of the other names on this forum. The SAK collecting world is not a very big one.  Very Happy

I collect 84mm and 91mm Victorinox Officer's knives from 1897 - present. Finding the older knives can be very challenging, especially living in the United States. SAKs were not imported to the US in significant quantities until after WWII, so finding items from the 1930s and before requires paying a lot of money in shipping and requesting help from friends in other countries to help forward packages to me. I have been lucky in that there have been several collectors around Europe who help me with this. 

I have been collecting Victorinox knives for the past 6 years. When I started I created a software program to search eBay and ricardo for me and save all of the information from all the auctions I look at. After 6 years of this, I have a database of over 280,000 auctions. I am using this information, along with my own research, to write a book about the history and evolution of the Victorinox Officer's Knife. I am about 50% done with the book, and I hope to have a rough draft done by summer. I would like to visit Switzerland next summer for holiday and hopefully review some of the facts in the book with Victorinox.


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Message par jcfiguet le Dim 20 Déc 2015 - 4:43

Hello Chris and Welcome !

No problem here to speak English, German, Spanish, French, even Italian ! On this forum it's  like in the Swiss Army : Everybody can speak in its mothertongue, but sometime you will need to use translators to understand the answers! 

If you want to visit Switzerland next summer, I hope you will meet some persons of this forum, I think it will be a good idea to obtain help for your travel and for your book...

This forum is a new one, so with a small number of persons but we hope it will grow up step by step in the future.

Have a good day !

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Message par MacMahon le Lun 21 Déc 2015 - 0:07

Hi Chris

Welcome! Great you join this forum. Your knowledge will be highly appreciated. Hope to meet you in 2016. Let me know if you have contacts to Victorinox or if you wish help in this.

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